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Why should we not eat non-veg? It is our choice.

Yes, it’s always a choice. You can eat whatever you want to eat. On cigarette packs, you often see photos and pictures of cancer patients.

On a similar note, there have been numerous studies proving that Cancer cases are the most leading consequences of eating meat. To name a few are:

Esophageal/Gastric Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer. To summarise, eating meat causes carcinogens in the body.

Apart from cancer other problems you can face are an increase in the risk of Coronary Heart disease, stroke, diabetes type 2 Mellitus.

To prove our facts clear there are links in the description for various researches conducted by authentic resources.

In case you still want to keep risking your health, it’s totally up to you.

But then you’ll be infringing the Right to life given by the Indian Constitution Article 21. Or for other countries’ right to life given by their country’s constitution.

It gives more protein then why not?

Yes, it does, it gives your more proteins, more energy, lesser hunger, lesser zinc but at the cost of Weight gain, Bad breath, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dehydration, Kidney damage, Increased cancer risk, Heart disease, Calcium loss to humans.

All of the mentioned problems are proved by authentic resources by conducting research. These are mentioned below:

These are the issues that actually are only concerned with problems arising from humans. Researchers in various countries including the United Kingdom, Netherlands, etc. have estimated that 1 kg of meat needs 6 kg of Biodiversity loss.

If you keep away the natural biodiversity, then industrial farming gives a lot of synthetic material for the faster growth of animals with minimal nutrients.

Studies have shown that a lot of antibiotics given to animals cause enormous health hazards to humans.

Industrial animal farming leads to grim diseases in animals and we have seen similar diseases in the past affecting normal life for example- Swine Flu.

Moreover, today’s greatest disaster is also analogous to such disease- COVID 19.

Plants are also living, how can you eat them?

This comes with the question of whether plants are living entities or not.

To which answer is Yes. Then how are killing plants justified? It is not.

Firstly, let us come up with clear.

Anything which has the cognitive ability that is to realize the pain and express at least one emotional state should not be killed for eating.

Then why plants?

We’ll put through two angles here, a modern scientific approach and an ancient science approach.

It has been proved by modern science that plants do not possess the slightest of the Nervous system.

It has been taught in fundamentals of Science in 7th to 9th grade in schools.

Nextly, according to ancient Science, Vedas say, the entity that doesn’t have eyes and ears doesn’t feel pain.

Or it needs to have certain sensory organs to feel the pain which again pertains to the absence of a Nervous system.

Secondly, eating plants doesn’t necessarily pertain to killing plants.

Eating plant food means eating their seeds, fruits, leaves, etc. Not the whole of the plant.

Also, plants have reproductive abilities to regrow fruits and leaves. Even if you don’t eat any of them, plants are going to shed their leaves and fruits.

Hence, eating plants is not killing plants. On the other hand, you have to kill an animal to eat it.

While plants cannot feel pain on plucking leaves, anyone can try cutting their finger to see if it pains or not.

Also, in the meantime, he/she can keep measuring the cut finger for a few days.

A few days later he/she can have a personal experience and cry out Euphoria! “I cut my finger, it won’t grow back”.

Well, then why do you favor dairy products?

Honestly. We don’t. The dairy industry is an outcome of capitalism aiming for maximum output at minimum input.

Hence, the nutrition of animals in dairy farming is at the stake of indiscriminate drug and antibiotic injection.

Poor hygiene and hazardous health conditions.

Moreover, cows are forcefully reproduced to yield more milk, and calves are taken away to create sausages.

This practice is prevalent majorly in Developed countries like the USA, UK, France, etc. You don’t care?

Cases are a bit different for a certain country though.

Talking about India particularly, here we don’t have such rustic industrial farming. In India, Cows are kept by rural families and considered part of the family.

Their milk is fetched organically without any drug abuse and feeding them green fodder. Later on, their milk is sold openly on community dairies/dairy companies.

Also, the calves of the cow are well treated.

The calf is allowed to drink only that much milk which it can digest. So, Gwale(Cow growing family member) takes out the milk and leaves behind the amount that is necessary for the calf.

But does this practice involve killing anyone? No

Also, does the milk comes from the same place as the egg comes from?

Moreover, milk does not produce a new life.

But this practice is exclusive to India because of its traditional values and is not found elsewhere in the world.

They’ll die then why not eat?

This is such a stupid thought.

Everyone knows that everything in this world is temporary.

Everything that is created will be destroyed, fine.

Do you kill anything just because it is going to die at some point in time in the future? How would you feel after you Kill your child?

Anyhow you raising him/her, will ultimately lead him to death.

That’s lame use of your child. What a pleasant surprise? Eat your child. Anyone who you see is going to die. Would you kill everyone to eat them even if you find that human flesh is tastier?

The ecosystem is balanced because we eat non-veg

It is an obvious myth.

Humans are natural omnivores only in extremely adverse situations.

The ecosystem is being negatively affected due to eating certain animals.

Because these animals are farmed at large scale fed artificial food massively.

The industry takes natural food resources from wild animals hence actually disturbing the ecosystem.

Eating such animals will only result in you losing your money first in bad quality food and secondly in medicinal treatment and surgeries that you will have to undergo after catching diseases due to ill nutrition fed to animals.

That alludes to you losing your money and not the environment losing its balance. Get your intellect clear.

As for vegan, they don’t eat the whole plant.

The plant survives, grows, flourishes, and replenishes more fruits, leaves, and seeds. As I said earlier.

Famous people

There are so many famous people who have left meat-eating due to its ill effects on their body and the environment if you wanna know about some. Here’s the list.

New Joker at Oscar, Arnold Schsdgfkjsdnfkuyrbferuma, Virat Kohli, etc.

Sanatan Angle

Sanatan has a very beautiful approach to eating habits. It says everything has life( Just like quantum physics says).

And to be more precise there are innumerable verses in Vedas and Puranas that forbids eating animals on the basis of the creation of hell. More literally saying, you eating animals will only result in your bad health and composition which will give rise to various diseases physically and then mentally creating an atmosphere of hell around you.

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