Top 5 Reasons to think before moving Abroad from India

Diya Bhardwaj
6 min readSep 7, 2020


Why is Foreign treated as if it is heaven? Why do people consider living in other countries than India(their native land)?

Foreign is cleaner

There are many points put by Indian Citizens. One is- Foreign is cleaner. Who is responsible for its cleanliness is the question to be asked. Obviously there have been some measures by the government but is that all? The department of Sanitation? Or citizen's awareness of their responsibility to keep their country clean?

If you see someone else’s house which is clean, do you go live there leaving your own house or you try to clean your own house? Everybody wants a change but nobody wants to change. If one tries to draw boundaries around themselves and enlighten themselves with basic moral duties, India will become better than most countries.

Less Judgement

Another point put is People don’t judge there on your actions, everybody minds their own business. I feel people there don’t judge other people at all. Well, you can feel whatever you want to but the fact is People are judgemental everywhere. In fact, you are judged very harshly given your race is not White.

This is ignorance at the part of migrating enthusiasts. Moreover, ignorance is bolstered by the behavior of natives of such countries. For example, the majority of the population ignores their child after a certain age and ignores their parent’s needs at old age. It is so good to know that that is the reason why there is so much emotional chaos. Which is actually a repeating cycle. Lemme put it this way. This is great that ignorance has reached such a level that the only bodily needs are realized in emphasization. That is why people out there do not have a stable emotional connection with their partners and enjoy their Divorce more(Divorce rate is higher in other countries). You must have seen the entanglement of ex Wife of William Smith. Also, people there sent their parents to Old Age home, well, that is like Karma striking back but who cares because they don’t probably believe in Karma as well.

People in some countries are so busy with their own lives that they don’t have time to talk to their own parents. Here, we treat the whole block as one big family. People outright help here whenever someone is in need. The community values in the west are far weaker than in India.

Education is better there

Biggest myth since the 17th century. Education is better there.

Education introduced anywhere by Colonial powers since the 16th century is only based on Industrial Revolution Fundamentals. How many of you have seen machines evolving from big mechanical devices to a cool funky smartphone? But the education system remains the same. It is the same worldwide. It is a scam. There is a new policy in India which now resembles the German and American systems. But guess what, if you understand the dynamics of those countries and listen to the critics of those countries out there talking about the education system you'll know that the education system there too is a big giant scam. Based on the modern principles of capitalism this education system undermines the moral values and nature-centric approach that the education system should be based on.

Still, since India has been working with this convention education system only, it would be more apt to say that resources are quite abundant here too but at what cost. At the cost of hard work. Whereas in other countries the cost is monetary and not solely based on hard work. Nevertheless, you should be knowing a few facts before judging education in India.

We are the second largest IT educated sector.

Best Remote Sensing Satellites.

Second best Armed Force.

Indian space program is one of the most cost effective.

Our Engineering and Medical exam entrance tests are considered one of the toughest in the world and IITs and AIIMS are the finest colleges that have produced one of the exemplary people.

There’s an escape from this giant scam hole but that is related only with our Sanatan Scriptures. Let’s take a look at our history as well. Our Scriptures, Vedas, Books have an immense diversity of knowledge. Each shloka has perspectives referential to sciences, politics, medicines, and whatnot. What is studied in many Foreign Universities was once the original dialect- Sanskrit? The base language also is known for Computers. There are many books that teach a lot about all kinds of sciences and arts. What our nation has provided and continues to provide to the world is limitless. This is the place where 0 was invented by Aryabhatta.

What Nasa is trying to explore now has already been explored and written in Vedas.

These are a very few examples which people other than India have started adopting.

Sadly, Indians themselves have forgotten this as of the influence from the West and are slowly moving to Bodily needs fulfillment that Western Countries themselves are trying to leave.

The list of such books is endless. We have a video on it. Check out the video on Top 3 books that can transform your life-

Meet the new culture

This is like praising the Lake to Ocean. We have the richest culture in one single landlocked country. 22 Official languages 22000 unofficial, more than 0.2M dialects, thousands of outfits, cultural values, festivals, regional traditions, rituals, books, food choices. Do you know about every culture and religion we have? I understand that some change is needed. Fine, have a change. Visit other places. But if you visit every state in India- has a different culture. Isn’t it amazing? Cheap and Best! Also, there are a lot of things that people have forgotten here because of foreign influence. To name a few-

We treat all living beings on humanitarian grounds.

We don’t have to take appointments to have lunch or dinner with our parents.

Our families are huge and respect for Elders should be learnt from us.

Guru Shishya paratha is worldwide famous because of us.

Our traditions and respect overall make them our Sanskar i.e. the Moral Values. If we head back to that ideal society, we can be called the epitome of Moral Values.

Yogic abilities. You open your facebook and You’ll see so many western entrepreneurs now moving to India to sell the Sanatan practices. To commoditize sanatan practices and put a patent on them that the Sanatan actually belongs to west. This phenomenon is very new to the market it is called Yogapreneurs. You can google it all and be shocked how your culture will be at some ecommerce store in coming 5 years.

Science in traditions- usage of Five elements in all Puja.

Family relations and their festivals:- Husband-Wife bond karwachauth, Brother-Sister bond Rakshabandhan, festivals of victory of Good over Bad -Dussehra, Navratri, Holika Dahan, etc. These festivals are celebrated to remind ourselves what is good and what is bad.

People are friendlier. Myth. People do not give a damn if you are not sharing a common benefit. Western countries are built on the grounds of capitalism and profit is the only relation between people. You can try visiting for a short tour to see the racial effect. How many of you know the Black Lives Matter movement that is still going on. Anyhow since you suggest let me come up clear.

People are friendlier there? Atithi Devo bhava is our notion since time is unknown. Our hospitality is known and praised worldwide. We treat our guests as Gods or Devas. Unfortunately, in the past, our hospitality has been mistreated and has backstabbed us. We have let foreign guests destroy our culture, corrupt our minds, steal our wealth, and treat us like slaves. What foreigners are calling Developed Nations, were actually us a few centuries back. It is like destroying someone’s house and saying, see you don’t have a house. Plus Black Guy outbreak was not in our country.

Anyway, we have big hearts. We still welcome everyone with open arms. Even let them live here and take our culture to their land and then sell it our own people because that how much dumb they are. There are many things about our country for which the list goes on and on. People there don’t think through their decisions and mostly rely only on fulfilling their needs. Which is the reason 35 to 40 percent of people in the USA have a mental illness. Which is why they are looking towards India to provide with its rich Sanatan inheritance. People there have understood that inner peace is a must. Which better nation to consider inner peace than the Nation where, Lord Shiva — the epitome of peace, Lord Krishna- Epitome of Yog, Lord Rama- Epitome of Boundaries and Siddhartha- also known as The Buddha, Epitome of Meditation.

Adapting to a foreign culture is the correct solution when it is the best. But you know that it is not. Adapt the positive things that they have only technological advancement which I consider. We have plenty in Sanatan that even the galaxy can borrow from us.

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