Science Behind Navratri | Logic and benefits of 9 Sacred Days

Navratri the Festival of Victory of Truth and Goodness over evil is celebrated all over the world in different yet similar ways. The enthusiasm and ecstasy of the people engaged in the celebration is overwhelming and charming at the same time. Navratri Festival marks its beginning from the First Day(Prathma Tithi) of Ashvin Mash(Ashvin Month) of the LuniSolar calendar. This day generally lies somewhere in the middle of September to October.

If you’re wondering why does it happen to be celebrated in these two months only the answer lies in the science of Astronomy!

The moon has a similar effect on the weather system as that of tides caused by the moon’s gravitational force. There is a tendency of the moon to stabilize the motion of earth along with causing the changes in the weather system due to tides( apart from that of the sun ). Hence, there is a direct effect of the moon having a major effect on seasonal time periods of the earth. In the month of September to October we experience the season of Autumn and the same is determined by the Lunisolar Calendar.

There are plenty of diseases attacking the human body physically as well as mentally in the autumn season as the month is ideal for growth of pathogens at a comparatively faster rate. Also, due to change in temperature and that of surroundings the body is comparatively more prone to catching a flu in such weather. Researches have shown a number of mental and physical issues associated with the human body with the seasonal changes.

So what can be done in such a situation when many things in the surroundings are against the persistence of the bodily conditions and the body is in more vulnerable condition?

We celebrate the festival of Navratri!

Watch the video to understand more effectively

Fasting and regulating diet can help in boosting the immune system of the body and fat loss. Also, it supports the removal of toxic elements in the body. Moreover, in the state of the fasting, the body undergoes a process called Ketosis. Ketosis helps in using the fat cells stored on the body for day to day activities. It also helps in fueling the brain. That’s how the concept of Shakti killing the evil related to the theory( Energy fueled by Fat cells and strengthening the immune system) is materialized.

To prove our theories we have put forward a set of proofs from research conducted at various institutions for example Harvard, Dr. Lal PathLabs etc. The links to the same can be found below:



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